Eamonn Murphy displays his artwork at Chester Arts Festival  20/11/2016 http://www.stopfordia.com https://eamonnmurphy.myportfolio.com Whilst visiting the Chester Arts Festival, I came across the work of Eamonn Murphy, an artist who is works in a range of media. The artwork that particular caught my attention was his vector graphics printed onto brushed aluminium. Similar to Devin Miles […]

BALANCE Inspiration: Whilst taking pictures of Chester’s industrial path I come across a signet swimming amidst discarded rubbish in Chester canals, close to the old and unused locks that in the past connected to the River Dee. The beauty of the signet, the ripples of the water and reflection of the skies compete in great […]

Professional Practice  Ian Lowly.    Guest Speaker   11/11/2016 http://www.ianlowey.co.uk Ian Lowley is an informative and engaging guest speaker as he talks about his 20 years of experience as author, editorial designer and journalist. He explains the diversity of skills in his portfolio career and how his ever changing path helped keep life interesting. Mixing within […]

For the first weeks of this module we are given a mix of quick fire mini briefs. These are typically received via email and cryptic in nature. we are to work in small teams, changing weekly, to come up with and present a design solution within a typical time restraint of four hours. This helps […]

Design Management & Production The Design Management & Production module is intended to help students develop their ability to interact with clients and work professionally and productively in the creative world of design. This post has no images or detailed design concepts and does not reference details of the client to protect their confidentiality and […]

The main aim of the brief is to design two glyphs based on any chosen celebrity/personality. One of these glyphs is then animated to react in a way that expresses the personality further. We started with a lecture on how type has power, a personality and back-story  and conveys an influencing message of its own. A […]


Shakespeare deconstructed book covers. Our challenge for this assignment is to produce four, deconstructed book designs, based on a list of Shakespeare plays. As a group, we decided how an A2 area should be split up into four book covers. The  main challenge for me was I knew very little of Shakespeare and his plays. […]

Paper Apps.  When folded in one configuration reads: “information is everywhere, all you have to do is look. Ian Waft 30/01/14“. When folded differently a QR code appears that, when scanned, reads: “Ian Waft 2014”. A bridge between two medias. Dinorwig Power Station. Previous place of work. Turn the dial and diagrams with relevant information line up in […]

      Following are a selection of pictures from short exercises completed in visual communication. Visualization of scenes created in response to listening to  short sound-clips taken from a movie. Seeing the alphabet in everyday objects. Creating any letter. Made from MDF painted in acrylic. After making quick response markings on paper whilst listening to […]

Assignment: For this first assignment you will produce a series of Swiss Style Posters advertising a special exhibition of Swiss Typographers and Designers to be held at the Grosvenor Museum in Chester. The Posters will be A2 in size and utilise techniques, materials and media that you have explored during this module. Exhibition will run […]