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Typography Diary

Creating a font: We started the session creating letters using two pencils bound to either side of a block of wood using elastic bands. Using this form to create letters can create an illusion of depth depend on how we interpret the lines. After a brief experiment of style I chose to use the transitional […]

The Portal

In response to the challenge to create a piece of work that promotes our own personal story, this artwork is inspired by the stunning work of Devin Miles who screen prints Pop Art  onto large aluminium sheets of metal. The Portal is designed not only as a visual piece, but also as an interactive piece […]

Historical Context

Outline: To investigate one decade from the period between 1850 to 1859 and produce an A3 layout, predominantly image based, that represents the key creative, cultural, social, political and economic aspects of that time. I was given the decade 1850 – 1859 Victorian Britain, and because this was at the beginning of the timeline, I […]


Outline: Research packaging design and create a new look for packaging of a familiar brand taking the visual language of one brand and mixing it with another. As a starter we had in introduction to Gestalt theory with the principles of Proximity, Continuity, Similarity and Closure , and how colour can affect what we see. […]

Thinking with TYPE

Outline: To study in depth  the letter form and create an interesting composition to promote one Typeface. The visual composition should reflect the characteristic nature of the typeface and should include a complete alphabet, typeface title and some text. Week One Started with and introduction to the topics, and an informative and inspirational look a […]


Visual Data – Who do you think they are?

Outline: To gather data from the other students in the group in the form of questionnaires and to producing a 1920 x 1080 pixel info-graphic to represent some of the elements in this data. Week One: We were given a brief where our individual groups were to gather data from the other students in the […]