Visual communication

      Following are a selection of pictures from short exercises completed in visual communication.


Visualization of scenes created in response to listening to  short sound-clips taken from a movie.


Seeing the alphabet in everyday objects.


Creating any letter. Made from MDF painted in acrylic.


After making quick response markings on paper whilst listening to music sound-clips, we design an album cover.


Creating an object which feels like his has a story. This was an envelope received in the post with some personal belongings, photos and a newspaper clipping.



After listening to various sound-clips, based on what was heard, we designed a posters using just type.

Taking inspiration from a selection of short stories by Dan Rhodes’ “Anthropology and other short stories”, the following have been created to provide a setting for a cast of drama students. Consideration has been given to how the drama students will interact with these pieces.

My little monster

My little monster

From sketch to a 20 cm high monster created from wash sponge, acrylic paint, electric wire and coated with silicon seal ( for a wet slimy look). This little creature represents STD’s in the story ” Salesman”. He sits on top of a small canvas with a toilet role hanging underneath.

Lips kissed canvas

Lips kissed canvas

Acrylic on 50cm x 50cm canvas. Painted using a sponge to give an appearance of a lipstick imprint left on the canvas.

Urn for ashes

Urn for ashes

Made from painted cardboard, and urn filled with ashes. The top comes off, and the urn is filled with torn shreds of newspaper to represent the ashes.


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